Reviews for our school.

We recently shared some printed forms to some of our clients for telling us their opinion about our school. We thank all those who took a few minutes to write us a review as this helps us a lot to understand if we do our job properly but also for visitors to our site to see what others say about us. If you want to write us a review, you can ask us to give you the appropriate form to fill out or contact us here.

Snow and difficulties

In the days that passed and more specifically from 22/1 to 26/1, our school did not work due to the bad weather conditions of “Elpida”. The snowfall and the measures of the government, which declared all the days we didn’t operate as non working days, did not allow us to continue the lessons for these days. However we continue normally from 27/1 and the lessons will be done normally. We believe that this measures was done for the best of all as surely if we operated in the days of “chaos” we would definitely have accidents.

Εικονίδιο Επαληθεύτηκε από την κοινότητα
As such weather phenomena become more and more common in our country, our school center will do its best to conduct the lessons safely at all times. You can also be informed from our website for updates in cases like the one we experienced in the last few days. Thank you for your understanding!

Welcome to our brand new Website!

Michailidi School welcomes you on our brand new website platform. In this website you will be able to find easily all information you need as well as learning our regular updates regarding students, parents and classes. Also in this website you can see analytics about students’ performance and useful information in case of schedule changes. The new technological era is here and we will keep up with that because that is the future!